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Claude Rains
30 June 1967
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» the character
Claude Rains is a minor, unwilling good guy from the Heroes fandom. And, as his name suggests, he has the power of invisibility. He's also damn good at sneaking around, so even without it, he'd probably make a fine cat burglar if he wanted to.

He's sarcastic, bitter, and not afraid to beat friends and enemies alike over the head with hard truths if he thinks they're in the wrong for any reason. He's a good teacher, when the mood strikes him, though he's general just as hard on his students, if not more so than he is other people. Just ask Peter Petrelli - he pushed the guy off a building, just to see what the kid could do. He's also got a habit of giving people rude nicknames, especially if he likes them. He's strange. And British.

And, for the record, no his name isn't really Claude Rains. That was an in-joke from his time at the Company, considering his ability. His real name, at least for the purposes of this journal, is Daniel Morrigan. But hell if he'll tell you that.
» the communities

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» the verses
Since Claude is a member of a couple of different communities, I'm going to attempt to give a brief rundown of each universe I write him in, here. Entries, for your convenience, will always be tagged with what verse they're written in.

Canon - Just what it sounds like. Though it should be noted that when new episodes of the show start airing in September, anything with spoilers will be behind a cut. Assuming he's in third season, as the rumor are suggesting, anyway.

Open - Mostly canon except, well. Here there be pan-fandom.

Primatech v2 - An AU verse, in which Peter Petrelli went back in time to stop Kensei from going evil. Peter stayed with Kensei and together, they did all sorts of amazing things. They founded the Company and kept it from being a group of backstabbing, plotting, morally gray individuals. They destroyed the Shanti virus in the early stages, thus saving Shanti Suresh's life. And so on and so forth. So, naturally, Claude was never betrayed by the Company and is as such still working with them and fighting the good fight.

Nicknames: Dances With Wolves (Shanti Suresh), Riff Raff (Gabriel Gray)

Second Chance - An AU PSL starting directly after Parasite (1x18). Peter never showed up to save Mohinder from being ceiling'd, Sylar realized Mohinder would die without medical attention, and took him to the hospital. And everything changed from there. Mohinder and Sylar became a couple, all the Heroes came together to form one team, and Sylar was reluctantly accepted onto that team, thanks to Peter and Mohinder. Mohinder manifested healing abilities, and Sylar didn't kill him. Isaac Mendez and Ted Sprague are still alive. Everyone's working together to take down the Company and stop New York from exploding. Lots of fun stuff.

Nicknames: Clara Barton (Mohinder Suresh), watch wanderer (Hiro Nakamura), my little empath (Peter Petrelli)

Three Musketeers - An AU PSL based vaguely out of second season. Peter never made it to Adam to go and 'save the world' from the Shanti Virus. Instead, he ran into Claude, who had been looking for him after the events at Kirby Plaza, and a young girl named Erin Williams who could read minds by touching people. Sylar followed Peter and Claude to where they were in Virginia, and well. Claude, Peter, and Erin are suddenly stuck fighting for their lives.

Nicknames: ducks (Erin Williams), princess (Peter Petrelli), watch wanderer (Hiro Nakamura)
» the disclaimer
I am not Claude Rains. Nor am I Christopher Eccleston. The former is property of Tim Kring and NBC. The latter is his own property. My intent is solely to have fun in the various fic-writing and role-playing comms of LJ, and no profit is being made from this journal. And finally, some of the pieces in this journal may not be appropriate for minors, either due to sexual situations or extreme violence. Consider this your Adult Content warning.

If you should need to contact the mun for any reason, please do so here. Why I'm putting this under disclaimer, I have no idea.
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